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Bloc iPad Air 2 Protective Case Logitech Teal

Bloc iPad Air 2 Protective Case Logitech Teal

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Made to be dropped!



Logitech BLOK Protective Shell for iPad provides drop protection from as high as 1.8 metre and onto concrete.

The square design adds protection where it matters most - in the corners.



BLOK includes a screen protector to guard your iPad against scratches.

BLOK shell is made of an absorbent polymer structure that supports and flexes with iPad upon impact, keeping the iPad safe and secure from drops.

BLOK’s square corners are packed with extra absorbent polymers to give iPad more protection where it needs it most, the corners.

Screen Protector Guards Against Scratches
Apply the screen protector to guard against screen scratches.

Pure iPad Experience
Sleek, minimalist, easy to grab and go, nothing in between you and your iPad. BLOK shell lets you enjoy iPad uninterrupted.

BLOK shell suits both kids and adults, whether it’s reading, watching or playing games



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