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Gladle LED Desk Table Lamp Daylight Warm White Dimmable 360° Flexible Neck

Gladle LED Desk Table Lamp Daylight Warm White Dimmable 360° Flexible Neck

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This go anywhere, USB powered, rechargeable desk lamp, fits into any stylish décor and has many different uses.


  • It has variable brightness, and is capable of lighting up your task in eye friendly manner, with bright but diffuse light from the 42 LEDs.

  • No flicker, warm white or bright daylight for working, dim down for a relaxing ambience and mood lighting

  • The 360° flexibly silicone neck means you can focus light on the desk for the task in hand, or wash the wall behind you with a quality of light to your choosing.


But there is more:


  • Being rechargeable you can take this light anywhere, study, kitchen, garage, outdoors (in the dry). Anywhere you need light the Gladle GL-LT001 will provide it. And not just any light you choose the temperature and brightness.


  • Built in timer, so you could use it as a night light, which switches off after an 1 hour.


  • A single charge provides up to 6 hours of light on the brightest setting and up to 100 hours of light on the dimmest setting. A full charge takes 5 hours.


  • Memory function remembers the last colour setting and brightness setting when you turn the lamp on.


Seriously at this price, and with all the above functionality, what is not to like?



Technical Specifications:


Power: 5 Watt

Battery Capacity: 3500mAh

Colour rendering index: >80Ra

Colour temperature: 2700/6500

Light Source: 42 x SMD2835 LEDs

Working Voltage: DC5V/1A

Charge time: 5 hours


Working time: 6-100 hours

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