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HoMedics Duo Pro Permanent Hair Reduction Skin Rejuvenation Hair Remover HH-160

HoMedics Duo Pro Permanent Hair Reduction Skin Rejuvenation Hair Remover HH-160

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  • Use pulsed light for two different functions: a permanent reduction of unwanted hair and rejuvenation
  • With two different cartridges, filters the light in a different way and effectively carrying out both functions
  • Duo pro uses a dual technology to customize the treatment
  • AFT and IPL technologies to treat different areas differently
  • Suitable for darker skins and regrowth in areas less persistent as legs and arms


It has been pre-loaded one cartridge 30000 for light rejuvenation.

Skin touch sensor maximum safety and efficacy to ensure skin sensor.

The device, big button to start easily a lot of control than we will flash and that shows a comfortable safety indicator when you are ready for treatment in addition.

Five levels of wide window strength in hair removal cartridge for the rapid treatment of a wider area automatic flash and the three levels and AFT for large area.Individually control possible flash with two levels IPL the most about the difficult area level 1-2-3 hair growth less stubborn little stubborn, thick and while prefer to treat a large area

.A limited area and re-growth it is recommended that you select the layer 4-5 for the treatment, it is the appropriate face for men and women with skin type I to the V of the body we, grey, can be used for the treatment of red and white hair.

Light blonde is not recommended.

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