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Hudson Hi-Fi Acoustic Isolation Feet 4 Pack Firm or Soft Speakers Turntable Amp

Hudson Hi-Fi Acoustic Isolation Feet 4 Pack Firm or Soft Speakers Turntable Amp

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Tighten up your bass, reduce vibration and improve your listening experience with this simple, economic and effective audio upgrade.



Choose the Soft Block for lower capacity weights (up to 7kg per block).


Need more support?


Firm Block supports weights up to 17kg per block



  • Designed for Precision & Clarity: Equip your stereo equipment with isolation feet that absorb up to 95.32% of vibration and resonance.


  • A simple accessory for amplifier isolation and room treatment, effectively reducing vibration for even the most sensitive stereo equipment.


  • Expect tighter-sounding bass and zero noise for a more elevated listening experience.




  • Sound Isolation Made Easier: These pads for small speakers let you hear the difference.


  • Notice a more distinct improvement in mid-high to high range frequency resulting in a crisp and lucid sound quality coming from your audio setups.


  • All our speaker isolation feet are products of thoughtful design, quality materials, and carefully studied specs to target sub and supersonic micro-vibrations to reduce resonance and further enhance sound.




  • Speaker Isolation Pad for Every Audiophile Setup: Our Durometer 60 (Shore A) speaker feet support up to 150 lbs for your sub-woofers, speakers, CD/DVD players, and cassette decks.


  • A reliable, universal set of sound isolators for your turntable isolation platform and other stereo equipment.




  • Effortless Installation: Improving your stereo equipment shouldn't feel like a chore.

  • Our speaker isolation pads only require a couple of steps to affix and won’t leave any residue.

  • Place these speaker pads under your desired isolated component.

  • Each isolation sound block or subwoofer isolation pad has a temperature resistance of -40 ~ 240 °C.




  • High Fidelity Audio Accessories for Elevated Listening: Hudson Hi-Fi products are the result of a close collaboration between musicians, engineers, producers, designers, and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Our turntable isolation pads, sound isolation feet, and the rest of our offerings aim to share the passion for music NYC instilled in us with all fellow audiophiles worldwide.






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