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Hudson Hi-Fi Big Foot Acoustic Isolation 8 Pack Turntables Speakers

Hudson Hi-Fi Big Foot Acoustic Isolation 8 Pack Turntables Speakers

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Tighten up your bass, reduce vibration and improve your listening experience with this simple, economic and effective audio upgrade.


These hemisphere bumpers come in five different sizes, able to hold from 3 lbs to 100 lbs per pad.

The small to mid-range bumpers can be used for turntables. The largest ones (2.5'' wide and 1.5'' high) are most suitable for heavy components such as bulky speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.

The pads can be easily attached to your equipment by simply peeling the 3M backing off of the surface-safe adhesive.

You'd be glad to know that these pads do not leave any black residue.

These pads are the result of meticulous craftsmanship with the sole purpose of targeting sub and supersonic micro-vibrations.

They are made of platinum-cured Silicone that provides the clearance required to enhance the airflow, reducing the heat audio units generate.

The platinum silicone used for these bumpers’ design is highly durable and able to preserve its form.

Their installation is effortless and temperature resistance ranges from -40 to +240 °C.

What makes platinum silicone stand out is its superior weight and vibration distribution.

This property results from the cross-linked structure that provides minimal resonant “coloration,” thereby eliminating unwanted audio distortion.

Undoubtedly, these pads are multifaceted anti-vibration solutions that offer a plethora of applications.

The different dimensions enable you to choose precisely what you need for the pieces of audio equipment you want to isolate.

Tighter bass, exquisite sound clarity, and openness is the sonic dream of every audiophile, and Hudson Hi-Fi's pads can be your small but mighty tool to enjoying music even more than before!



Please note:  If we do not have the pack size or pad size you need we have sold out, and do not have further supplies coming in.



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