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Lumin Deep Detox Body Bar Charcoal Soap Hydrates Balances 141g

Lumin Deep Detox Body Bar Charcoal Soap Hydrates Balances 141g

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Lumin's charcoal body bar is the next step in body cleansing.


Natural ingredients rich in moisture soothe skin and the soul.


Combining Lumin’s premium craftsmanship with the touch of the earth, this charcoal soap bar unclogs, softens and purifies the skin.

Benefits:   Perfect for a deep clean, this charcoal soap bar offers moisturising properties, with the addition of charcoal to your shower to exfoliate and calm the skin. Charcoal takes this soap to a new level, providing detoxification that other normal soaps simply cannot offer.

How to use:   Rub the bar with lukewarm water until a rich lather forms, then apply lather to the body. Massage well onto the skin and rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for daily use.


Key Ingredients:

Charcoal Powder - Provides deep cleansing, removes impurities embedded in the skin, and helps clear out clogged, congested pores


Green Tea Extract - A strong antioxidant that helps to diminish early ageing signs, support skin health, and balance oil production



Shea Butter - High in fatty acids making it an effective hydrating and softening agent. Contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties C

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