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Lumin Hair Care Bundle Shampoo Conditioner Pomade Wash Bag Microfibre Face Cloth

Lumin Hair Care Bundle Shampoo Conditioner Pomade Wash Bag Microfibre Face Cloth

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Lumin Hair Care Pack




Shampoo: strengthens hair, stimulates hair growth, and prevents oil build up with potent natural ingredients.


This keratin shampoo for men helps repair hair damage and strengthen follicles for thicker-looking hair that's easier to style.


This powerful formula helps nourish the scalp, strengthen your strands, and offers your best shot at getting stronger, healthier hair.







  • Gently cleanses scalp

  • Soothes damaged hair

  • Hydrates dry hair



Key Ingredients:



Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Popular natural ingredient that can kill bacteria and fungi while acting as a soothing agent to help with irritation and redness.

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Locks in essential moisture while strengthening the skin’s barrier to help prevent environmental damage.

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Peppermint Oil

Offers cleansing, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties while calming and cooling red, irritated skin.




Conditioner: Light weight conditioner packed with natural ingredients that combine to form a powerful formula that nourishes your hair follicles, hydrates your scalp and seals in the moisture hair needs.


Say goodbye to weak, damaged, and dehydrated hair and hello to a healthier new look.



Pomade: Good hair days should last all day.


Control the look, texture, and style of your hair with this all-in-one pomade that lasts all day.


Ensure your hair looks good whether you’re at work, leaving the gym, or headed out on the town.


Our base is a hybrid of clay and wax to ensure your hairstyle has staying power with a clean, matte finish.





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