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Monster Data Link 100 RCA to RCA 1m Gold Terminal High Quality Cable

Monster Data Link 100 RCA to RCA 1m Gold Terminal High Quality Cable

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  • High velocity of propagation for greater clarity and dynamic range.


  • Structured matrix dielectric for low stored energy and better detection.


  • Double high density braided shielding for better noise reduction and isolation.


  • Transmission of leading edges are sharper with lower overshoot.



The Detail:

Interlink Datalink 100's Advanced Technologies Deliver the Most Accurate digital Signal Transfer

DataLink 100 features an ultra-high density copper braided shield for superior rejection of electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference. Monster's unique structured matrix dielectric maximizes signal transfer speed while minimizing energy loss-essential for accurate signal transfer between connectors. High purity copper strandings in the all-critical center conductor ensure faster transients for the greatest clarity and detail. Loaded with the finest technologies, DataLink 100 delivers all the digital signal for smooth, natural reproduction of music, dialogue and effects.

Award-Winning Turbine RCA Connector Maximizes Signal Transfer

DataLink 100's patented Turbine RCA connector features 12 diagonal cuts and a split center pin for maximum contact and a snug fit. Bonded to the center conductor with high conductivity silver solder, the Turbine connector features an outer coating of 24K gold for a lifetime of reliable signal transfer and corrosion resistance. Make Sure Your Components Get All the Signal

Transferring up to six channels of audio information down a single path requires a cable designed for precision performance.

DataLink 100's advanced engineering delivers all the data when your components need it for the best possible sound from all your digital coaxial sources.



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