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MusicMan BassHead Wireless Stereo Headphones SD Card FM Radio MP3 Player

MusicMan BassHead Wireless Stereo Headphones SD Card FM Radio MP3 Player

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  • Standard 3.5mm input for wired listening from any source, or transfer files to micro SD card and play wirelessly from the inbuilt MP3 player

  • Supports  MicroSD card up to 32GB

  • Built-in MP3 player and FM radio

  • Built-in lithium ion battery

  • Comes in Green or Pink, choose from the drop down menu!

Where you want, When You need

MusicMan Basshead wireless audio system was created for the music lovers that can´t live without music.

The Basshead headphones allows you to enjoy up to 32 GB TF MicroSD cards (5000 songs aprox. 320kb) with the integrated MP3 player, and with the included auxiliary audio-In jack feature you can hear music from external devices such as your mobile phone, pc/mac or any other device.

Starting with Technaxx Basshead:

To listen to music, you need either a MicroSD card with music files (play without wires)  or play music  on the headphone through your mobile phone (with the included standard audio cable).

 Before using the headphone the first time, charge the battery without interrumption for approx. 3 hours to achieve the best battery capacity.

Technaxx Basshead includes an integrated equalizer system to optimize your hearing  .

No wires, no limits: Feel free with Basshead!

Weighing  only 147g and with 8-12 hours of playback  capacity, its perfect for music lovers.  Just push play and start your adventure.
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