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Pet Hair Removal Wand Full Size Furniture Carpets Cars Dogs Cats

Pet Hair Removal Wand Full Size Furniture Carpets Cars Dogs Cats

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When you don't need the full package (see our other listings), the Pawlanet pet hair removal wand is just right 


No single product will remove hair from every surface, but this tool is ideal for 


  • Beds


  • Car Boot Seats


  • Clothes


  • Curtains


  • Cushions


  • Pet Beds


  • Pillows


  • Sofas





Reusable & Easy to Clean:


  • Just move over fabric in direction of the arrow to remove hairs


  • When your done replace in holder, move up and down, and the hair is removed from the wand and deposited in the collector on the bottom of the stand, which pulls off for easy emptying.


  • No batteries no refills


  • Use at home or on the go


  • The fur deposit is also large enough to hold a lot of hair, so you don't have to empty it too often. 


A Perfect Gift for Any Pet Owner: Every pet owner will know that pet hair is unavoidable whether you have a Great Dane or Kitten, the size of your pet doesn’t matter, all pets shed hair no matter how much we love them, so if you are looking for a gift for a friend, family member or just looking to treat yourself, this is the perfect set. .


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