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Rug Doctor Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment 500ml Trigger Spray

Rug Doctor Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment 500ml Trigger Spray

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  • For use as a pre-treatment solution to remove carpet stains in high traffic areas prior to the use of a Rug Doctor machine


  • Effective in lifting and loosening ground-in dirt, soil, greasy and oil-based stains


  • Perfect for use in hallways, landings, kitchen entrances, and more.


  • The Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment is Wool Friendly & Pet Safe



The Rug Doctor Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment is designed specifically for use on busy carpeted areas in your house. Carpets near hallways and entrances, for example, can accumulate dirt and oil, which then becomes embedded deep inside the carpet's fibres over time. Dirty shoes or muddy paws from your dogs are frequently the source of this grime. With our powerful pre-treatment chemical, you may begin to totally restore the natural colour of your carpet. Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment should be used before a deep clean using a specialist machine. The soil-lifting cleaning action removes ingrained grime and grease, leaving your carpets clean and smelling fresh. Apply Heavy Stain Pre-Treatment generously to badly dirty areas. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before cleaning with a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine or any other leading carpet cleaning machine.




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