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Telescope Astronomical Skyways 70070 210x Magnification Tripod Twin Lenses

Telescope Astronomical Skyways 70070 210x Magnification Tripod Twin Lenses

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Slokey SkyWays 70070 Astronomical Telescope





  • ​Assembly is simple and easy for anyone without previous knowledge.

  • It is light and portable, always ready to grab and take outside quickly and start observing.

  • The instructions include illustrations in each step to make it quick and easy to assemble.

  • The tripod is made of stainless steel, robust and stable.

  • The body of the telescope and the high quality accessories ensure exceptional durability.

  • A 3x Barlow lens and two eyepieces (25 mm & 10 mm) offer you different levels of magnification, with a maximum power of 210x.

  • You will get sharp and detailed images of the Moon, Planets, Nearby Galaxies and much more...

  • You can also use this telescope to observe nature and animals.




  • Super Quick Assembly:

The first time you assemble the telescope it will take you between 5 and 10 minutes. With a little practice, it will take about 3 minutes. The instructions in English detail each step with illustrations to make the installation quick and easy.

  • Quality:

The Telescope SkyWays 70070 has similar or even better quality and performance than other 300/350 pound telescopes from other brands, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a telescope that meets a good quality/cost ratio.

  • Adjustable power of 28x, 70x, 84x and 210x magnification:

With 28x magnification you can easily find celestial objects like the Moon. With 70 - 84x you will see the Moon in great detail and you can start seeing planets like Jupiter. With 210x you can focus closer on the planets. Seeing the detail of their surfaces. 

  • Simple and Convenient:

The eyepieces are easily interchangeable, and the focusing wheel uses a system that allows easy and precise adjustment to produce a sharp image. The special design of the tripod simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects.



  • Unbeatable protection:

You'll receive two years of telescope protection that ensures exceptional quality and durability.


  • Optical Quality and Sharpness:

With a 700 mm focal length, this telescope will give you sharper, more detailed images and higher power required to observe more distant objects. The lenses are treated with an FMC coating and composed of a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.

  • Longer Durability:

You will get a high quality aluminium telescope and finish instead of a plastic telescope like the 40070. This guarantees you a longer durability to give you years and years of enjoyment.

  • Better Quality Tripod: 

You will get a more professional and robust tripod to improve stability, offering you easier and more comfortable use of your telescope and better resolution images.

  • Red Dot finder:

The red dot finderscope QuickFinder will be much easier and faster to use than the conventional finder included in other similar telescopes, allowing you to mount your telescope faster without wasting time aligning the finder.








  • 2 Eyepieces 25 mm & 10 mm


  • 3x Barlow Lens


  • Adjustable Tripod


  • Red Dot Finder


  • 45º Diagonal Prism


  • Manual with Illustrations and Microfiber Cloth


  • Carrying Case and Accessory Case







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